What is Processors in Computer and the Use of It?

what is processors in computer

A computer consists of a variety of parts, including a processor. So, what is processors in computer? You should know it when choosing a new computer. The type of processor you choose determines the speed and performance of the computer. Learn more about everything you should know about a processor in a computer below.

About Processor in a Computer

A processor in a computer is also known as a CPU or Central Processing Unit. It is an electrical component or digital circuit in the form of a chip. The main function of this component is to execute all your instructions. We can say that a processor is the brain of a computer. 

The location of a Processor in a Computer 

So, which one is the processor in a computer? To answer this question, focus on the motherboard of a computer. Then, find a CPU socket or slot. It is the place where the manufacturer installs the processor of its computers.     

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The Way a Processor in a Computer Works 

After learning what is processors in computer, you should also learn the way a processor works in a computer. A processor involves three steps to work, which are fetching, decoding, and executing. 


The first step is fetching. It is a process where a processor receives an instruction. The instruction is coming from the RAM. 


Then, the processor is using its decoder to process the instruction it gets. The processor will continue the signal by turning the instruction into a series of signals. The reason why the processor turns the instruction into signals is to ensure that other parts of the processor understand it.


In this process, all parts receive the signals and execute them. The process is not done yet because the processor will save the instructions after the execution process. The purpose of a processor saving the instructions is to improve the speed. 

The processor doesn’t have to process the same instructions from the beginning anymore because it remembers the instruction. The processor only checks its database and sends the signals to other parts of the computer to execute the same instruction. 

The Processor Specifications 

Learning about what is processors in computer and how it works is not enough. You also need to learn about the processor specification. There are at least three different specifications computer users should know. 

32 and 64-bit Processors 

These two processors are the most popular ones. The 32 and 64 show the bits the processor can send at the same time to all parts of the computer. The higher the bit number, the faster the processor sends signals to parts of the computer.   

Clock Speed 

While learning what are processors in computer, you should also learn about clock speed. It refers to the number of instructions a processor can process per second. The clock speed is represented in GHz or Gigahertz. The greater the GHz or the clock speed, the faster a processor. You should check the clock speed anytime you want to buy a computer because it determines the speed of a processor. 

L2/L3 Cache 

When learning about what is a processor for computer, you know that a processor will save commonly used instructions or data. L2/L3 Cache is a memory where the processor saves the instructions or data. 

Based on its speed, L2/L3 cache is quicker compared to RAM. It happens because this feature is part of the processor. On the other hand, RAM is separated from the processor. The more cache on the processor, the faster the processor.  

i7 and i9 Processors in modern Computers 

Some modern computers use specific processors, such as i7 or i9 processors. Intel is one of the brands that launch this term. So, what does it mean? If a computer is using an Intel i7 processor it means that it has four or six cores. 

The frequency of the processor is between 2.6 and 3.7 GHz. Both of the processors also have large amounts of cache memory. The larger the cache memory, the more instructions a processor can save. Because of that, computers with this processor are suitable for hard tasks, such as designing, gaming, programming, and many more. 

Indeed, the i9 processor is more sophisticated than an i7 processor. The frequency of an i9 processor is often up to 4.5 GHz. It becomes the latest and the top processor on the market today. A computer with an i9 processor is ideal for those who need bigger computing power, such as gamers who want to play high-resolution games, designers who want to use the latest design programs, and many more.   

The Processor You Should Buy

You will find a lot of processors on the market. It makes you confused to decide the best one. In general, you should know the workloads you want to give to your computer. For standard tasks, a computer with an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor is enough. 

For those who love to browse, a computer with an Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor is ideal. Gamers may consider buying an i5/i7 or Ryzen 5/7 processor. Indeed, you need an Intel i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 processor for more complex tasks, such as editing video and animation in 4K quality.   


The point is that the type of processor your computer uses matters. It determines the speed and performance of the computer. You can also consider whether to upgrade the processor or not. Indeed, you also learn more about the processor, so you understand the specification of the process. You also know the processor you need to boost the performance of your computer. 

Indeed, learning what is processors in computer, the location, the type, and everything about it is so crucial. As a result, you can use your computer to support your tasks maximally. A computer with a low processor than it should be will slower the way you finish a task. The worst is that the computer doesn’t want to work because the processor is too old to handle the latest programs.  


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